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London For the last few years I have been based in London where I have been documenting the life of the city, usually at night. The project can currently be viewed at the Sanctum Soho hotel where I am the resident artist.
Journals Thoughts, ideas and observations are freely developed with honesty in a visual journal. A sketchbook is often private, there is little fear that the scribbling will be seen, and it doesn't matter that things go right or wrong. I have been diligently keeping a visual diary for 15 years now, everyday a page or two of notes and drawings. These books have been a passport to many worlds, a living portfolio for others to see who you are. Unlike taking a camera which shuns people away, folk are drawn to someone working in their book. For the last few years I have been immersed in London- the night life, the backstreets and roof-top views. The drawing and writing are a reportage of city life. This process of looking and interpreting the world has fueled new and complex pieces, using London as a backdrop. If I get stuck on what to do next I'll go on a sketchbook drawing adventure, unsure where it will take me. I try and draw things that I have never drawn before and use different techniques. colour combinations and mediums. It also is really usefull when you are working out composition for bigger pictures. If I need to work something out in my life, I'll bury myself in writing in these books too.
Iraq . I am currently working on a large project about conflict and peace between east and west. I will be working up the ideas I have been developing in sketchbooks over the coming months. These will take the form of large storytelling pieces. I am also making a documentary about this work which I will be putting online shortly. This is work in progress and am honoured to have been asked by General Andy Salmon of the British Armed forces to have spent 6 weeks this year in Basra with the British, American and Iraqi armed forces..Please click on the image to take you to the next page and view the work in progress.