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Balham Overland
There is something filmic about an urban overland station. It has a feeling the last vestiges of wilderness in the sprawling city. Balham has been my home for the last couple of years. The Bedford was the local pub. Old timers remembered it as a different place than it is now, the proud winner of the Evening Standard Pub of the Year 2002. Then it was the haunt of dealers and streetwalkers. Now there is music and comedy on three floors. I walk into the pub, and ask if I can paint the view from the top room. " Even better, how about from the roof" says the landlord, before his path takes him to another place. So the Bedford became my home for the next week. Storing the gear in the sun-bed room, and heading out onto the roof every night for the sunset over Balham. No-one came to see me so I could concentrate on the job in hand, trying to get the feeling of when the day turns to night, experimenting with different colour combinations. It was a great place to work because whenever I got to cold or lonely, I could walk downstairs and listen to some jazz.
all images ©Xavier Pick 2007