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Clapham Common
I didn't meet many people at all while doing this painting. Compared to last weeks Leicester Square, it was quite a change. I picked a spot on a grassy mound and looked over to the back of the tube stop. I got stopped by the police a couple of times who thought I might be loitering with intent. They were quite intrigued by the painting, and although it did explain what I was doing at these early hours- they still asked for my date of birth 'for the record'. Other than the police all I met was a couple of homeless, drinking cider, singing Johnny Cash - and a Brazillian girl who entered my little park to smoke something. I put her in my painting while she watched the sky, soaking into the earth. Its good to feel the earth now and again as Bish Bash Bosh once said. A navaho teachere told me its good to get to a high place too, survey your territory, get a new perspective. I climb up dark dusty back stairs from the pub behind to look over this junction. People going about their business on this wet wintery evening, lit by streetlamp and headlight. All connected to this time and this place.
all images© Xavier Pick 2007